Handstands for All

With Carlos Buitrago

Saturday 31st August 2-4pm

Saturday 28th September 2-4pm

Saturday 26th October 2-4pm

In this handstand workshop, we will to cover the basics of form and balance. You will learn how to use a wall to practice going into and holding yourself in an upside down position safely. In addition, yo learn workout drills that can improve your sense of balance by making you stronger and more aware of which muscles need to be engaged for balancing positions or handstanding. 
All levels welcome

Sound Bath &

Coloured light Therapy

With Lucy Lock

Saturday 12th October 2-4:30pm

Let Lucy guide you through a gentle flow sequence and breathing exercises specifically designed to set the mood for a deeply relaxing and healing experience: sound vibrations that help release physical and emotional tensions in you. During the relaxation there will be blankets and props for you to lie comfortably. Coloured light therapy enhances the sound vibration's effect and enhance your relaxation experience - as do the cushions and blankets we provide to maximise your comfort during the sound bath.
A delicious spiced organic cacao drink will be served afterwards.

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