Svana means Sound. It refers to the roar of water, wind or fire, the singing of birds or the sound of speech

Established in 2015, (previously Cable Yoga Studio), Svana is one of a kind yoga studio. Located in London, Limehouse E1, we offer quality classes at affordable prices. From beginners to advanced, you can choose from an array of different styles  to suit your needs.

Beginners Friendly

Candlelight  Flow & Aromatherapy
Flow & Restore
Kundalini Yoga

Mindful Flow 

Restorative Yoga

Slow FLow

Slow Vinyasa & Meditation

Yin Yoga

These classes are the best option for beginners, but also a good choice for all levels.


All our classes are open level, however, we have categorised them here to help you choose what's best for you. If you are a beginner, with little or no background on physical activities, see the list below. If you are experienced to yoga, any class and any teacher has something special to give your mindbody.


Dynamic Yoga

Dynamic  Flow

Mandala Vinyasa

Power Core Flow

Rocket Yoga

Vinyasa Flow

Once you learn the ropes, these classes offer a good challenge to develop fluidity and balance.

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07440 631 282

Cable St Studios Courtyard
566 Cable St, London E1W3 HB