All of our classes, unless specified, are open level.

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a floor based practice where poses are held for  periods of 2-5 minutes. The practice works into the energy meridians within the body, focusing on increasing the circulation and functionality of the joints and connective tissues, to improve flexibility and cultivate awareness of inner silence.

Candlelight Flow & Aromatherapy

A candlelit series of slow and restorative poses designed to increase flexibility and calm the mind.Yoga and meditation are beautifully complimented here with aromatherapy, soothing sounds and therapeutic lighting to help you engage with the five senses and escape from the screens and pressure of day-to-day London life.

Flow & Restore

This is a gentle vinyasa flow class for all levels, progressing into relaxing restorative postures; perfect for waking up the body and opening up to release and find relaxation.

Kundalini Yoga

This class combines postures, breathing exercises, meditation and mantra. It is sometimes referred as the yoga of awareness, since it focuses on awakening the Kundalini (consciousness) that exists within us.

Mindful Flow

This is a slow flow class with an element of exploration. An opportunity to listen to our bodies and move with awareness to bring mind, body and soul into balance. 

Restorative Yoga

This class involves a few postures  and uses props to ensure you are stable and comfortable. It is a very gentle class and the postures are healing. You will release tension and gain awareness. The class includes a 20-30min yoga nidra practice.

Slow Vinyasa & Meditation

This is a mindful vinyasa class with loads of variations for various levels. The class includes a relaxation (yoga nidra) and a  meditation session. 

Dynamic Flow

this  class incorporates traditional yoga poses with primal movements. The class is made up of flowing movements which link naturally to the rhythm of the breath and allow you to explore each motion, with variations offered throughout.  We'll also look at breathing and meditation practices.

Mandala Vniyasa

An invigorating practice bringing together mandala, a geometric figure representing the universe, and vinyasa, breath and movement linked and maintained in a conscious way. Working with the 4 basic elements: fire, water, earth and air, we connect each element with a specific area of the body, moving 360º around the mat.

Rocket Yoga

Rocket is a strong class based on the Ashtanga primary series. Rocket 'gets you there faster' by keeping you moving from start to finish flowing through standing, balancing, seated and inverted postures, using the breath to guide you through this moving meditation. It’s a challenging class for those wanting to progress with their yoga practice.

Dynamic Yoga

An energetic class for various levels . Poses are given in various degrees of difficulty. A dynamic sequence is made up of 2-3 postures made into a continuous cycle of repetitions, very much like a drill.This class works both on strength and flexibility.  It includes breathing and meditation practices. 

Power Core Flow

This is an invigorating class geared towards developing stamina and a strong core, it includes loads of core drills as well as postures that require strength and stability. It also includes stretches to bring about a balanced class.

Vinyasa Flow

This class places special emphasis on linking breath and movement. It synchronises qualities of stretch with qualities of strength to create an overall toning, awakening, and a balanced feel to the body and the mind.

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